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The New Anxiety Magazine

Magazines That Should Exist But Don't #1

Claire Weekes wrote an incredible book on anxiety and panic titled: Hope and Help for your Nerves in 1972. Something everyone who experiences panic should pick up. The statistic is from the Calm clinic and should cause you to look at everyone around you different. Anxiety and panic are very difficult to get through yet often have no outward signs - because of our cultural norms, it is rarely discussed but occurs often. #wuwei is an ancient #Taoist perspective that sort of translates to “action through non action” and is perhaps the best description of what one should do when experiencing panic, anxiety or similar and related experiences. In Chinese medicine texts that are a thousand years old doctors recognized “running piglet” to refer to panic attacks. These experiences are not just an expression of modernity. Recovery is possible. And while some fear and anxiety are our ally, and we cannot get rid of them, we can learn to relate and respond differently. Though it can take some time to allow the nervous system to calm once it has been in a prolonged state. This is ok, you may have to be very patient, but during this time you have the opportunity to transform yourself, and you will. . #anxiety #panic #panicattack #anxietyattacks #anxietyrecovery #panicrecovery #derealization #depersonalizationdisorder #depersonalization

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