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The relationship between therapist and client transcends the therapeutic space and influences/changes the way we move through the world and and engage with each interpersonal relationship. My hope is to bring each client’s inner self to a place of joy, playfulness and aliveness.

I have an MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University. I completed my training with Antioch Community Therapy Services and I currently work at a treatment center for adolescent addiction and mental health. 

My approach with clients is grounded in continued assurance of a safe environment, a foundation to the magic of healing.  Healing begins with curiosity, imagination, creative exploration and collaboration into the pain and suffering of the human experience. 

I’ll work with you to unblock energy and befriend the body. My integrative approach incorporates mindfulness-based practices, sitting with what is, and listening with a mindful ear for what the body is trying to communicate. 

Contact Ali for a free consultation today.         Phone: 805-290-4957


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