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  • gabrielgarciamft

Somewhere There is a Spring

If you have been beaten by the sun

Always remember

Somewhere there is a spring

Somewhere there is a spring

And in this life you must find it

You may walk in lonely sadness,

Welcome it

For you have become delicate in your senses

If wayward burls and rocks lie round cracked like skulls

It means you’ve entered the cathedral

And crickets will sing to your destiny

Or maybe mushrooms and fern behold you, either way

you’re on the right track

Other times, you see the frosty husk of the birch, dappled with sage colored lichen

Donning blackened tears in its flesh where husk and sapwood leave voids down to the pith, like a fresh heartache

Or perhaps you grieve, still you must listen for her

The wild bushes of Maple’s leaves

Embodiments of chaos

Or you walk a maze in life, so seek the Spruce

He stands tall with needles so damn green they’re blue

Follow the roots to water below

At some springs, there may not be enough water

So you can’t build a home there

But you can return to pray

If you find a bog or a faint trickle with still waters rejoice

The land has given you the gift of sight

You are caked with dirt, and tired

You may have lost your way

Do not despair

I tell you friend, somewhere nearby there is a spring


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