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Psychopoeia Fragment

Psychotherapy is a signifier with myriad connotations. Here the space casts off many of these assumptions and transmutes itself into a practice full of the luminous and numinous. Who told you you aren't entitled to a joyous cosmology?

Language your experience in bardic tellings, ensconced in dense, multiplicitous expression. All the while, eyeing keenly, tracking, the hidden or obfuscated knowledge and inherent resilience possessed.

For this we use the flood light, our common eye sight and the microscope.

Heat to a simmer, dice, and toss in the mixed painful beautiful compulsion to grow, learn, and thrive. In this room we puzzle through the corporeal, etheric and immense spiral that is your life. Cooking time is undetermined, that's up to you, the psycho-alchemic-culinary expert.

There are some limitations but they are minimal and only serve to protect the public sphere, the rest is a vast landscape of mapping, exploring and traverse a dense rubicon of feelings, thoughts, and felt experiences.

The liminal, the dreamscape, our philosophic orientation grasps towards the yet undiscovered and boundless akashic wonderment that is your birthright.

Wanted with reward pending: health and meaning. The archeology we walk upon beckons us to move with care, but the sky under which to work is boundless. The architecture has good bones, as they say. The values and commitments will be organized and catalogued for future reference.


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